Thinking Big

According to WordPress I started this post a couple years ago. Found it in my drafts with a few other posts. All there was is a title and an empty list. So, I figured I’d write down what Thinking Big means to me.

I was volunteering at the local community garden the other day, here in Manchester where my family and I moved to seeking liberty in our lifetime, and I was working alongside an older gentleman who claimed to be a socialist. I defined libertarianism for him and it was not what he thought. I explained that I am volunteering precisely because of libertarianism. Without getting into details, this entire paragraph sums up Thinking Big.

What is Thinking Big? I moved to New Hampshire to put my fullest practical effort into building a free life and a free society. I think I can help change the direction of humanity for the better. Pretty fucking big if you ask anyone. Delusional? I don’t think so because I am starting with me.

Okay, but that doesn’t explain what Thinking Big means. Maybe Doug can explain it better. No? Here’s what I do because I Think Big:

  1. Left California and traveled the world with my family. I knew that my son only has one childhood and I wanted to spend 24/7 with him and my wife for a while. That year or so was transformative for us all. Did it set us back financially? Sure. Would I do it again? Longer.
  2. Moved to New Hampshire to pursue liberty in our lifetime by applying our fullest practical effort. “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” -Thomas Paine
  3. Started a construction company that hires freestaters with the goal of developing property in the future. It is profitable and supports my family and is growing.
  4. Created – a new project that replaces while focusing on NH.
  5. Created The Granite Republic, a pro-freedom, pro-New Hampshire, pro-independence apparel brand.
  6. I’ve lost lbs and gained muscles.
  7. I’ve made real friendships and supported friends’ endeavors.
  8. We started a local charity and volunteer group.
  9. I’ve attended every PorcFest since I moved and give back in a big way, providing food and going on informative panels.
  10. I MC every New Movers Potluck to put my networking skills to work for my community.
  11. I got active in the LP and the GOP, supporting freedom and kicking out the LB.

Okay, those a few things I do because I think big. I have even bigger ideas and plans. The future is wide open and the sky is the limit.

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