Oregon – Going north

8-5-2016 – One night at Bullard’s Beach
9-5-2016 – An afternoon at Sea Lion Caves
9-5-2016 – Two nights at Point Lookout
11-5-2016 – Two nights at Kennedy School in Portland

We sped through the Oregon coast but we did savor it too! A yurt allowed us to skip camp set up and tear down so between the first afternoon and the next morning at Bullard’s we felt we got some good time in there.

On the way north we weren’t sure where we would stay, but we definitely pulled over for Sea Lion Caves! This was one of the best roadside attractions I’ve seen.

We made it to Cape Lookout and that was a great choice. Campgrounds in Oregon have an interesting mix of features, always a big RV section, but we were also able to find spots tucked back into the forest. Ultimately we opted for an open site near the beach since Archer is a such a beach boy. This is where Archer found sand crabs and, given his joy with eating foraged and hunted food, he demands we cook them. Mari says they aren’t edible but instantly checks herself since she didn’t know… and they are edible. We cooked up a batch! They were good.

When we got to Portland we knew we were going to stay at Kennedy School. We played for an afternoon in Santa Barbara and met a family who highly recommended it. It did not disappoint!

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