Olympic Peninsula

We left Penrose Point and made the long haul out to the Pacific Ocean, then up the mountain a bit to the Hoh river. It was decidedly less rain-foresty than expected. That said, the Hoh river was beautiful and a refreshingly frigid. It was also swift!

From there we headed to La Push. During our last camping trip to Blue Jay, back in the OC, some foreigners were just completing a tour of the west and had said La Push was their favorite. It was impressive. Huge rocks, crashing waves, cold days, and beaches littered with enormous trunks; drift logs. Mora Campground was almost empty, very green and surprisingly free of vampires.

Our last stay on the mountain was at Sol Duc, which is a managed lodge, hot springs and campground. According to our host, the management company is an evil government crony. This, was the rain forest we were expecting! Lush, dripping wet, ferns everywhere, little creeks running through camp, moss covered everything! And the hot springs were so perfectly hot!

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