New Direction

I had hoped to head into the mountains next week but the weather there sucks now and the roads are closed. Heading up the range this time of year the cold weather is guaranteed. One more month could really help there. I then looked up the weather at Camp Richardson Grove, a coastal California redwood grove; a heat wave is coming in and we might see 80 degrees next weekend. My parents had taken me there 4 or so times and I know it is pretty awesome. It is also all walk-up(no reservations). Real no brainer. We’ll be sure to fit in some mountainous camping on the way back down through Oregon and California, late May and June, after we turn around at Seattle.

I’ll be updating the map as well.

I prefer to travel with few expectations or plans. That actually isn’t accurate; I prefer to plan a lot and think about the situation as rationally and logically as I can, think about variables, and make a choice. But whatever the choice I know that new data might mean a change; and that is a good thing. Obviously I didn’t look into the weather that much or any campground availability when I put together the road trip route. I didn’t have the time to do the research and I knew I would have the time once I was on the road. I also know the coast is warmer and that our route could be easily reworked. With the heat wave it looks like it will be a pretty great new direction.

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