Leaving Home

We left our home today. More accurately, we sold our house. We aren’t homeless. We’ve adopted the road, our Durango, our new Coleman tent, our gear, our hotel rooms and our planet as our home. We of course have each other and that is our rock going forward. Our foundations will no longer be set in a single place, tied to a single career, or entangled in material things. We started in San Diego, setting off from my parent’s house and headed north. We had left a few things at our Laguna Hills house and had plans to move our two remaining pieces of furniture into the garage but decided against that. Good thing, as we left just early enough to fit the rest of our day in. We left around noon, saying goodbye to our home of 7 years. Honestly the goodbye seemed long overdue, we had planned the transition so long, we hadn’t slept there in days… we said goodbye and went half a block away to get a burger. I had hoped a couple of my buddies would be at Woody’s but it wasn’t even 2pm yet, which is way too early for any respectable happy hour inhabitant. We cruised out of OC and past LA, through Ventura reminiscing about our family reunion the previous summer. Santa Barbara came up quick, it was closer than I realized. We got there early enough to explore Refugio beach and the loops of El Capitan. Insider tip: “loop” a stands for amazeballs. Translation: El Capitan is great.

We know our physical and philosophical goals; we have a plan for our journey through space-time.

Actually, you can check out the road trip part of the physical plan on this awesome web app Roadtrippers.com

Here is a vlog of how our day went!

The West on Roadtrippers

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