Beer on Tap!?

Beer on tap?! First time I’ve seen it in Nicaragua. I’m also at the nicest bar/restaurant in Leon (nicest I’ve seen anywhere in Nica). This malty pale ale cost 350% of the ‘national’ beers and 30% more than the next ‘artesenal’ beer Mytos (which I’ve never seen on tap). Moropotente also has a coffee stout but at $5 it is very expensive. At my dive bar a pint costs 75 cents but they only carry the equivalent of Coors, C-, and Bud. Nice to drink something with more flavor in a familiar setting.

It is my first time at this high-end establishment and I wanted to see if the Victoria Clásica was the same. It is. Good flavor and served ice-cold. More flavor than say C+. Clásica is a good beer here and therefore it isn’t the national beer here (as most places go that spot is reserved for something fairly flavorless). The national beer? That would be Toña whose motto is “Nothing like my Toña”, which of course is far from the truth.

Now that I’ve proven that a Clásica taste the same in a dive and in the finest bar in all of Leon, I think I’ll complete my beer journey with that $5 coffee stout.

It would have been a surprise and pleasure if this cerveza had been nitrogenated. It was carbonated. The beer isn’t an exceptional coffee stout. The coffee is there. It is dark. It is good. Nothing unique… except that it is a stout. The bartender made a point of saying that he hadn’t seen a beer like this before. I told him a bit about San Diego. He said how fascinating that would be to have so many options, especially coming from so few. And so, this beer which is good, is actually exceptional here; the few beers here are well executed, given their intentions and market, but this one is unique. The bartender and I agreed the Mytos Pale Ale is better than Moropotente’s but Mytos doesn’t have a coffee stout that I’ve seen.

Either way, after 3 beers I’m happy.

Update: 4 beers in. Maybe next time I’ll write about Mytos.

PS. I enjoy beer and think about the flavors but I don’t really have the vocabulary to speak about them. Few do. I’ve tried so many beers and find them all so different and so many satisfying and interesting that I’ve long since given up on describing the difference to myself, let alone others. This is my first writeup on beer ever. The last year of my life was basically a brewery tour. In that way it has been awesome.

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