A Break in Monterrey

I’m not going to lie… I’m writing this two years after posting the video :O

We continued up the California coast hitting up Point Lobos on our way to Monterrey. The town of Monterrey was a bit sleepy but nice. We went to the aquarium of course – which was great but really didn’t have anything on The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, which we had all visited many times. In Monterrey we did a mirror maze. The adults wore extra challenging distorting glasses – but Archer did not. This wasn’t his first mirror maze (he loves guiding people through them) but it was a particularly confusing one (which means it was a good one). Unfortunately… he got lost and when he saw his dad he ran (I told him not to!)… bang, smack, bruise on the head.

After Monterrey we headed to Alameda to meet up with a longtime friend. The route happened to go up a steep hill and resulted in the only time our Durango really got hot (melted the plastic bin on our hitched carrier). After that hill we stopped in San Juan Bautista to see the famous mission there (anyone from California knows kids do reports on the missions, and I chose to report on this one). We had fun exploring the old building. We also had some excellent Basque food at a restaurant named Matxain Etxea.

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